About Metalwork Austin

MetalWork Austin began in 2009 by owner Ryan Scott-Nairns and Croix Williamson. Their work immediately gained a following due to the level of craftsmanship in everything they create. Today, Metalwork Austin’s business continues to grow in size and scope, evolving to meet the needs of our clients & the highest of expectations: our own.

Our experience covers all aspects of metal design & production. We can do all types of welding on a variety of materials such as steel, stainless, aluminum, and copper cast iron, and bronze, just ask us. At Metalwork Austin we are trained and experienced in Design, Welding, Cutting, Tool Making, Blacksmithing, Fabrication, Structural Connections, we can answer your questions about anything metal. Each piece that we create is painstakingly finished to perfection for our customers. Our knowledge and tools allow us to tackle almost any project that can be imagined, working with our clients to be sure that they get the highest quality end product.


Ryan Scott-Nairns

ryanRyan graduated from Austin Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Welding Technology & Art Metals. He’s studied Copper-smithing, Blacksmithing, Art, Design, Fabrication,  and Code welding.

Ryan has worked with several Artists, Blacksmiths, Sculptors, and Fabricators over the past 14 years. He is educated in modern welding and cutting techniques as well as traditional hand forging of ornamental items, custom tooling and structural welding.

Ryan has experience in structural welding and steel fabrication. His knowledge and experience covers welding of stainless steels, high carbon steels, cast iron, bronze, copper, and many other materials. He also has experience in traditional forging methods, metallurgy, blueprint reading, tool & machine maintenance, and restoration/ reproduction of historical ironwork.

Croix Williamson

croixBorn in San Antonio, TX in 1978, Croix Williamson moved to South Austin at the age of 5, where he was educated in public and private schools. His grandfather, Gilbert Garza, was a painter who introduced him to the world of Art at a young age. His uncle, Bob Gottschall, was his introduction to sculpture. Croix spent his summers in Santa Fe, and was inspired and moved by the art he saw there.  Croix spent much of his youth drawing, painting, sculpting, and pondering the mysteries of the Universe.

Attending college in Santa Fe, Croix found steel sculpture, and never looked back. After graduating college, Croix spent the next 4 years apprenticing with many artists and blacksmiths around Santa Fe. Croix moved back to Austin in 2007 to work as a fabricator & blacksmith for Lars Stanley before striking it out on his own. In 2012 he joined forces with Ryan Scott-Nairns and Metalwork Austin, where he continues to create art with steel.

Justin Beal

justinBorn and raised in South Austin, Justin Beal has had a passion for art for as long as he can remember. Spending most of his youth drawing, daydreaming, and getting into varying levels of trouble, Justin never questioned that art would be his life. After high school, Justin became involved in the world of screenprinting, and began to freelance printing and design. Wishing to further his understanding of design, he chose to attend Austin Community College, where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. Specializing in computer illustration and print design, Justin found work as a graphic designer quickly, and further honed his skills through work and freelance jobs. However, his restless nature and desire to incorporate his skills into craft led him to MetalWork Austin, where he is learning that knowledge in design can translate into great metalwork- with the right amount of sweat, blood, and cursing.

Justin is the owner and operator of Automaton Print Forge, a screen printing and graphic design shop. Check his site out here.